Fox News host Brian Kilmeade and Bishop Ron Allen do not understand what medical marijuana is, think it can only be used as recreational drug

September 6, 2014


“Why would Berkeley City Council want to keep their poverty-stricken undeserved high, in poverty, and lethargic?”

– Bishop Ron Allen on Fox News, September 5, 2014

This question makes assumptions about medical marijuana, and also ignores and distorts the nature of the city council vote. The poor are not simply being given unlimited access to marijuana. In reality, legal dispensaries are being asked to donate 2% of their supplies to medical marijuana patients with an income under $32,000.

Furthermore, medical marijuana can be dispensed to patients in non-psychoactive form, and has been clinically shown to help with symptoms of diseases such as epilepsy, as well as appetite issues for cancer patients, who have appetite problems that accompany treatment.

“Mason [the Berkeley representative], are you for dumping pot on the impoverished?

– Fox New host Brian Kilmeade in the same interview

This method of questioning by the host, Brian Kilmeade, makes people in turn question Fox’s journalistic integrity. It is a prejudiced question, filled with loaded language, including “dumping,” implying it is being distributed improperly, “pot,” as opposed to “medical marijuana,” and executed with the accusatory phrasing, “are you for (bad thing)?

Obviously, no one would answer that yes, they want to keep people impoverished. But they are starting from an inaccurate premise.

I would prefer that Fox News be ignored, but when they make scientifically inaccurate accusations, we need to correct them.

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