Rush Limbaugh doesn’t know what Net Neutrality is, thinks it involves forcing Google to show both sides of an argument

September 6, 2014

Net Neutrality

“What’s coming is the deceptively named Net neutrality. The easiest way to understand this is to think of a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet. Now, how would this work? Let’s say that you want to go Google or Bing, you want to search the mating habits of the Australian rabbit bat. Net neutrality would require that every search engine produce an equal number of results that satisfy every disagreement about the issue. Yep.”

– Rush Limbaugh on page 112 of his book that proves we should not take advice from him

Let’s get this straight. Rush Limbaugh is completely wrong. Net Neutrality is unrelated to search engines.

Net Neutrality refers to the idea that internet service providers (ISPs like Comcast) must treat websites equally and not slow specific websites down intentionally.

Please don’t listen to this man for advice regarding the internet. He has no idea how it works, but he’s sure that it’s a liberal plot.

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