President Bush tried to appoint homophobe to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS

September 8, 2014

AIDS, Sexual Orientation

Jerry Thacker referred to homosexuality as a “deathstyle,” and “the gay plague.”

He also wrote on his website, “Christ can rescue the homosexual,” referring to “reparative therapy, which claims that religious devotion can “cure” homosexuality. 

In 2003 President George Bush selected Jerry Thacker to serve on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS, but Thacker withdrew his name after receiving criticism for his medically-inaccurate and homophobic remarks. 

The American Psychological Association has rejected reparative therapy as having no medical or scientific basis. Alan Chambers, former president of Exodus International, one of the largest groups attempting to use the method, repudiated his own organization’s work, and apologized for the harm he caused.

Furthermore, sexual orientation has never been shown to correlate with lifespan. 

Most importantly, AIDS is not the gay plague. This is a strange claim for Thacker to make, considering the HIV virus affects his family. As he well knows, HIV can be transmitted regardless of sexual orientation.

Thacker says he and he wife contracted HIV after she received a blood transfusion. 

His words are not only inaccurate, but they are also irresponsible. We should not encourage dangerous social stigmas against people living with HIV/AIDS or prejudice against people based on sexual orientation. 

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2 Comments on “President Bush tried to appoint homophobe to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS”

  1. elizabetcetera Says:

    As a nurse for almost 20 years I’ve watched AIDS come a long way. Now people with HIV are living full, complete healthy lives taking a mixture of 2-4 different HIV medications daily with viral loads that are undetectable and they are not having any of the AIDS related illnesses.

    Texas Governor Rick Perry has his own homophobia: “a governor declaring homosexuality a destructive behavioral genetic disease”. Ouch!




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