Founder of the ‘Creation Science’ movement said he’d “become an evolutionist in 24 hours” if experts could prove that one fossil is older than another, which they definitely can

September 9, 2014


George McCready Price, a founder of the modern ‘Creation Science’ movement was so confident in his criticism of evolution that he promised to “become an evolutionist in 24 hours,” if “the foremost ichthyologist in the world” could prove to him that one fossil was older than another. Price did not believe that archaeologists would ever be able to estimate the ages of fossils.

Scientists can definitely do that now! They now use radiocarbon dating, which is considered reliable for organic matter up to 50,000 years old. For older materials, a variety of radioactive isotopes are analyzed with radiometric dating, so that scientists can cross-check results. Scientists have been able to identify rocks in Western Greenland that are about 3.6 billion years old. 

It is more than reasonable to conclude that scientists have completed Price’s challenge. 

It is almost unfair to pick on Price, as he was not trained in the sciences. He never claimed ‘to be an expert field geologist or a scientific collector,”  the earliest variation of “I’m not a scientist, but…” that I’ve come across.

In 1937 some of his students at Walla Walla College invited him to join them on a fossil-hunting trip, but were surprised by his basic inability to distinguish fossils from one another.

To reinforce this point, scientists also recently developed a process for counting and mapping clusters of lead atoms in an ancient piece of zircon, a technique called atom-probe tomography that accounts for anomalies in the lead distribution. Their research analyzed the decay of a radioactive isotope of lead in the zircon, and they concluded that the piece of zircon is 4.374 billion years old.

Here it is:

Now we just need to convince the members of the Congressional Committee on Science, Space and Technology to have intelligent discussions with the scientific community.

Also see: The Creationists: From Scientific Creationism to Intelligent Design by Ronald L. Numbers, pages 106-107

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