Blog name change: The Science Writing Blog

December 5, 2014

Blog changes

The Best Science Writing Online 2012 (photo from Brain Pickings)

The Best Science Writing Online 2012 (photo from Brain Pickings)

I’ve decided to transition my blog into a more general one about scientific issues in the news. There are a plethora of topics in the media nowadays requiring competent science writing, and I do not want to limit myself simply to criticizing ludicrous statements by celebrities and politicians, most of which repeat the same tired myths over and over. Therefore, I am expanding my scope, and am also planning to take on these issues in greater detail.

My next piece will be on a much more complex issue: Sexism, pseudoscience, and the criminalization of miscarriage in El Salvador. For this article I have conducted interviews with several professionals closely involved with the case, and so I am taking more time and care to ensure that this will be some of my best work.

I also have several other future articles planned, including homeopathy in India (and New Haven), using science to deal with anti-gay hate speech, hepatitis C medication price gouging, portrayal of physics and quantum mechanics in Chinese media, and an analysis of the finances of members of the congressional science and environment committees.

Please let me know if you have suggestions for other subjects that I should cover!

– Joseph Lachman (author of all posts on this blog)

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One Comment on “Blog name change: The Science Writing Blog”

  1. elizabetcetera Says:

    Glad you’re back … and now more applicable than ever! Congrats on your blog evolution. Looking forward to stuff by you! 🙂



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